What Our Clients Are Saying

“After two treatments, I noticed that it seemed to smell fresher in the store. The air quality overall seemed to be better - it was was lighter, cleaner and it was easier to breathe.” Don - Wendy’s Franchise Owner

Introducing Our Proprietary Technology that Naturally and Deeply Disinfects

The AirBender

Destroy unwanted germs from your business creating a safe space for you, your staff and your customers. The AirBender is a one-of-a-kind, powerful, ozone machine. The AirBender releases ozone to destroy bacteria on surfaces and in the air, once the treatment is complete, the AirBender will reabsorb the ozone & deactivate it so the room can be safely re-entered.

Products are available for purchase or for lease through our Deep Clean Subscription. Contact our team for more details.

An Immediate Plan for Your Business

Jeremy’s Plan

Jeremy’s current disinfecting plan is no longer affordable for his 80 room hotel. Jeremy is looking for a more financially sustainable option that doesn’t slow down his staff. Jeremy purchased four automated disinfecting ozone machines because it:

Decreased time costs of staff by 75% over traditional disinfecting
Decreased operating costs by 56% on day one
Reduced human error for a more comprehensive result
Is proven on hard and soft surfaces
Leaves no chemical residue

We pride ourselves on our proprietary and safe technology that naturally disinfects any space. Read our hotel case study to find out more about our alternative-sanitization and disinfection solutions.

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A History of Disinfecting

Traditional chemical cleaners, ready-to-use spray, and fogging disinfectants are not proven to kill germs on all surfaces. When areas of your space are not disinfected properly, the whole space is not disinfected. By harnessing the natural ozone compound, you can feel confident knowing that all corners and crevices have disinfected. Ozone has been used for hundreds of years to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other germs on hard and soft surfaces, and in the air.

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Three Benefits of In The ClearZone

We work with customers in various industries to implement safe, sustainable and cost-efficient disinfection plans.


As an oxygen molecule, ozone leaves no chemical residue surfaces which can be harmful and dangerous.


Ozone does not require chemical refills saving business hundreds of dollars each year on disinfecting spending.


Ozone has been proven to kill unwanted germs on hard and soft surfaces as well as in the air.

Ready to Get Started?

It’s time you start implementing a safe and cost-effective disinfecting plan. Let’s see how we can make that happen. Secure the best disinfection solutions for businesses.