The Science of Outdoor Air  

Outdoors, air particles and sunlight collide to create hydroxyls, particles known as "Nature's Detergent" by NASA. Hydroxyls constantly clean outdoor air, making it pure, fresh and healthy. Our HydroClear Technology™ creates hydroxyls in the same concentration as outdoor air, bringing Nature's air-cleaning particles indoors.

Built for Businesses

ClearZone's HydroClear products are chemical-free air sanitizers built to create long-lasting benefits for businesses.  Our products use washable, high-efficacy filters to decrease waste and costs while offering the most robust air purification technology on the commercial market. 

Don't just capture contaminants, eliminate them

Until now, air purifiers have relied on swirling contaminated air around a room, exposing occupants to pollutants before attempting to catch them in filters. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, our HydroClear technology actively eliminates contaminants where they are in real time, courtesy of Mother Nature. 

Furniture, carpets and even wall paint release tiny toxic particles into the air all day, everyday affecting cognition and overall health.
In a study completed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 27 of the most common VOCs found in an average office were tested against technology like ClearZone's HydroClear, resulting in an average decrease in VOCs of ~20% and reaching as high as ~70%! 
Bring the power of natural air sanitization to your office to promote better health and productivity!

More than 

just an air purifier.

Our HydroClear technology offers:

Comprehensive Protection 

Effective Sanitization 

Tailored Results 

Economically Sensible 

Sustainability Focused 

What makes us different?

We're not built like the others. We don't believe simply HEPA or carbon filters are enough. So we created a product that tackles even the smallest of pathogens and particles, backed by concepts found in nature. This provides a multi-layer level of protection and so your indoor air quality doesn't ever have to be on your list of worries. 

The Breeze.

Your Personal Office Companion

The Refresh.

Built for all People in all Places

Fits into any space and for all your applications. 

Let's get your Business In The ClearZone.

Every day, we help make businesses safer with our economically and environmentally friendly solutions. 

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