The Breeze.

The best air sanitizing solution for small spaces like cars and offices.

The Atmosphere.

A series of portable air sanitizers for use in occupied spaces like restaurants and clinics.

The AirBender.

The best way to powerfully reset unoccupied spaces like wedding halls after the big day.

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Businesses in a wide range of industries trust In The ClearZone to provide clean air to every corner of their workspace. Bring the power of nature indoors with all-natural air sanitizers.

Technology that Makes a Difference.

Our proprietary HydroClear and ClearSience Technologies destroy allergens and viruses using natural solutions. Our room purifiers can help you and your business.

Improve your indoor air quality today!

With In The ClearZone, Everyone Benefits.

In The ClearZone is proud to provide our customers with innovative and sustainable air sanitization products. We work with Canadian manufacturing companies to produce high-quality and effective solutions. We are driven by the desire to improve indoor air for everyone with affordable and reliable products.

Easy to Use.

All of our products are automated elminitating human error and making them the best air purifiers.


Our products release airbased solutions using patented technology that does not emit harmful chemicals.

Total Sanitization.

All of our products offer air sanitization with efficacy on both hard and soft surfaces.

“After two treatments, I noticed that it seemed to smell fresher in the store. The air quality overall seemed to be better - it was was lighter, cleaner and it was easier to breathe."

Don, Wendy’s Franchise Owner

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"The Spirit of Entrepreneurship" is a new article released by London Inc. Magazine that shares our story of moving from clothing logistics to commercial sanitization.

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In The ClearZone technologies deactivate unwanted germs, pollutants, bacteria, viruses and more.

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