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The AirBender

The AirBender uses our ClearScience patented technology to release and quench ozone in minutes so the space being treated can quickly and safely be entered. The AirBender Series includes the Pro (rated for space up to 1500sq ft) and the Mini (rated for spaces up to 400sq ft). The AirBender Series:

Are automated, decreasing labour costs,
Are powerful, allowing you to quickly & safely get back to work,
Use ozone and uv which are natural disinfectants that is proven to kill bacteria, viruses, odours & other unwanted germs,
Are backed by science, we work with leading third-party labs to ensure our process & products are safe,
Are assembled in Canada.

The Breeze

The Breeze is the newest addition to the ClearZone family of products that combines thoughtful design with powerful cleaning properties. It is a compact product for use in occupied spaces such as small rooms, elevators, offices, restrooms, hallways and more. The Breeze:

Is automated, decreasing labour costs,
Is powerful, keeping you safe while at work,
Is for use in occupied spaces up to 160sq ft,
Is backed by science, we work with leading third-party labs to ensure our process & products are safe,
Is assembled in Canada.

Products are available for purchase or for leasing through our Deep Clean Subscription. Contact our team for more details.

Our Clients

Laboratory-tested. Backed by Research.

In The ClearZone works with national institutes including leading laboratories, ICFAR and other private institutes to test, model, and verify our products and processes. Our patented methods and designs set us apart from our competitors.

The Clear Science Certification

The Clear Science Certification shows your customers and employees that you are committing to the highest level of safety, cleanliness, and environmental health. This half-day course will provide your team with the necessary training to effectively disinfect your spaces. We will also provide you with the tools and marketing materials to communicate with your guests about your new services and how it’s keeping them and the environment safe. This certification program covers topics such as:

What is ozone?
What makes ozone the best disinfecting product on the market?
What makes ozone environmentally-friendly?
What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?
How do I communicate the benefits of our disinfectant to our customers and staff?
Look and feel like a disinfecting professional with our Clear Science Certification. Click here to learn more.

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Case Study: Hospitality Industry








Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to germs...

Jeremy has been working in the hotel industry for ten years and has concerns around the increase in safety and disinfection requirements that have recently come up. Jeremy loves creating unique experiences for his guests and believes that sharing is caring but not when it comes to germs.

Jeremy began comparing disinfection options on the market and identified three primary competitors ready-to-use sprays, fogging and electrostatic machines, and ozone products. His focus is on complete disinfection as well as cost-effectiveness. Also, his company is putting forward a new initiative around eco-friendly products making this another priority to Jeremy. Balancing the short and long-term costs and benefits is a difficult task. Jeremy wondered what is the best disinfection products and cleaning solution for hotels now?

Meeting Safety Protocols for Businesses

Jeremy was already familiar with ready-to-use products since his hotel currently uses many. However, to properly disinfect the whole room (including walls, ceiling, air and all surfaces), ready-to-use product costs would increase drastically month-over-month. Jeremy was worried about how much longer it would take for his staff to clean to the new standards with these manual products.

Next, he considered foggers and electrostatic sprayers. Jeremy recognized that these products would be faster at disinfecting the whole room, however, he wondered how much ppe would be used for each application? In addition, Jeremy knew that these machines required chemical refills regularly. He was not convinced that the benefits would outweigh the costs.

Last, Jeremy looked into ozone products. While there is a number on the market, Jeremy was introduced to In The ClearZone’s patented AirBender. Immediately, Jeremy liked that the machine was automated. This would make the working experience simpler and easier for his staff. He also liked that the machine did not require monthly refills. This was important to him because it would cut down costs for his hotel drastically over the long term and this made it a more eco-friendly solution. As a bonus, Jeremy learned that ozone has been proven to disinfect on hard and soft surfaces as well as the air unlike ready-to-use products and fogging machines. This is critical since each of his rooms has chairs, couches, and rugs inside.

Hotel Manager, Jeremy

The Best Disinfecting Products and Solutions

After Jeremy ran the numbers, he was convinced. He learned that over time, and as occupancy increased, ready-to-use products and fogging machines costs would increase by 66-300% while The AirBender would only increase by 15-30%. He also learned that using the AirBender would save him hundreds of hours of employee labour and reduce disinfecting spend, long-term. Last, as an eco-friendly product, the AirBender provided a unique opportunity to strengthen his hotel’s position as a sustainable company. He liked that, In The ClearZone would:

Decreased time costs of staff by 75% over traditional disinfecting
Decreased operating costs by 56% on day one
Reduced human error for a more comprehensive result
Is proven effective at destroying germs on hard surfaces
Is proven effective at destroying germs on soft surfaces
Leaves no chemical residue

Jeremy contacted a sales representative and ordered In The ClearZone’s products. Today, Jeremy has peace-of-mind and confidence in his disinfecting protocols from every perspective. He and his employees are proud to offer exceptionally disinfected spaces for guests while respecting the environment.

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Some of the Spaces that can be Clear Science Certified



Office Spaces


Medical Clinics


Long-term Care Homes


and more...

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quotation markThank you ClearZone for disinfecting our offices! Your treatment helped to increase peace of mind for our team and our clients. Your service is truly essential to businesses during this time.quotation mark

- Paul T, Marcus & Associates Accounting Firm

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