The Clearzone Founders

Canadian Startup
Creates Safe Spaces.

Led by two women entrepreneurs, In The ClearZone works to improve air quality for all businesses. This drive for problem-solving is what launched our founders into the sanitizing space with a focus on natural solutions.

Creating Sustainable Solutions Since 2017.

In 2017, entrepreneurs, Jenessa and Madison, launched a sustainable clothing-logistics company seeking to decrease the demand for fast fashion. In 2020, right as they were bringing their first major client to market, the COVID-19 global Pandemic began, putting their business on hold. With no business and a very uncertain future, these women entrepreneurs asked themselves, “how can we help people feel safe while keeping businesses open, so others did not experience the same fate as us?”

With a focus on comprehensive health, In The ClearZone was launched.

Since then, these entrepreneurs have worked with various labs, manufacturing facilities, and business leaders to define and build automated, natural sanitizing products. As Canadian startup founders, their desire to create sustainable solutions for consumers and businesses continued but now looks a little different.

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Jenessa Headshot


Seven-time national track and field champion, Ivey MSC graduate, Sprung Instant Structures International Business Development, STMNT Founder.

Strategy, Finance, Business Development
Madison Headshot


SHINE Canada non-profit founder, Dip. International Organizational Leadership, Management & Organizational Studies Candidate, STMNT Founder.

Brand Development, Communications, PR, People Development

Our Advisors

David Headshot

CEO at Media Sonar Technologies

David has experience growing businesses from ideation to scaleup, with a focus on business strategy and growth. He is the co-founder and CEO of Media Sonar Technologies.
Mark Headshot

Head of Global Cloud Sales, Digital Customer Engagement at Oracle

Mark is a business & tech executive focused enterprise sales and building client relationships. He is the founder of PlateSpin which had a successful acquisition in 2008.
Lindsay Headshot

CEO at Arcane Digital

Lindsay is a business leader who puts people at the centre of everything, allowing her to thrive in her leadership role and excel in digital marketing and communications.
Clarence Borja Headshot

Ivey Business Professor

Clarence is an operation professor at Ivey Business School with over 25 years of experience in supply chain and manufacturing. Clarence brings excellent experience and amazing energy to whatever team he is a part of.

Backed by Science. Researched And Verified by The Nation's Best.

Everything we do is rooted in safety and science. As a result, we have surrounded ourselves with scientific leaders who help us conduct rigorous safety tests to better understand how we can support our clients. In The ClearZone is supported by some of the top academic and private institutions in the country as well as leading individuals in their fields.

We are currently testing In The ClearZone’s method and products directly against COVID-19 with a level three laboratory.

The Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources, ICFAR, is a part of the Faculty of Engineering, Western University. ICFAR, was founded by Franco Berruti, has an extensive background in engineering and served as Dean of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and at the University of Western Ontario. ICFAR is helping oversee product testing and airflow modelling for In The ClearZone.

Under the Mitacs grants, we have been working with Western University to conduct additional research on airflow modelling and hardware automation.

Hotel keys

Sustainable Solutions for the Hotel Industry.

The travel and leisure industry has been hit incredibly hard by the global pandemic. As a result, companies have turned us to help them implement longterm, sustainable solutions to sanitize air and surfaces at a competitive price.

Let us Show you How Natural Sanitizers can Benefit your Business!