Active vs. Passive Air Purification 

Ever wonder how astronauts supply air to breathe in space shuttles? It's not like they can just open a window to let some air in right? Hint: through a technology that utilizes "hydroxls" to recycle and disinfect the air!

Why is indoor air quality so critical to our health?

Pollution to our air quality is one of the most talked about topics today and there’s a reason for that (well many actually). The research is clear, poor air quality can make us more prone to illnesses, decrease our cognitive functions and many more negative side effects. Research has also shown the indoor air quality in our homes, offices or classrooms can be even more polluted than busy cities. If we're spending a good chunk of our lives in these indoor spaces, how can we “clean” our indoor air? Answer: air purifiers, but specifically, air purifiers that offer both active and passive air purification. 

So what exactly are the differences between passive and active air purification?

Passive air purification can be understood as filtration of air when circled around a room and then pushed through a filter to capture harmful particles. This works, but it isn’t great. Particles can contaminate people and objects before they have a chance to reach the filter and pathogenic particles on surfaces are not always collected. Passive air purification is also limited to larger particles (around 0.1-1000 microns) meaning only certain particles like smoke, pollen or dust can be removed. Most air purifiers ONLY use passive air purification leaving behind smaller particles like viruses, bacteria, allergens, and tiny gas contaminants.

Active air purification works similarly to how our ozone cleans our air and this is through releasing particles called “hydroxyls” that work to sanitize and disinfect our environment. Think of it as mother nature's detergent! With active air purification, pathogens are removed by particles that specifically go out and hunt for pathogens – regardless of size or type (they don't discriminate). Whether a pathogen is in the air, or on any type of surface, effective active air purification is designed to inactivate any and all of them. 

The magic of HydroClear Technology™.

With HydroClear Technologyyou get the best of both world, active and passive air purification. When air passes through HydroClear products, it's capture in a series of complex filters and larger particles are then destroyed by UV-light providing passive air purification. HydroClear also releases invisible, all-natural, super-charger molecules called hydroxyls that move around the room providing active purification to target smaller particles. They collide with contaminants in the air, destroying their molecular wall turning them into harmless elements. All of this works within minutes and no cracks or crevices are missed. 

Still not convinced on why you need active air purification to achieve optimal sanitization? Here’s a fun fact – NASA uses a very similar technology in their space shuttles to provide air for astronauts to breathe! Just imagine that adding a ClearZone product to a room can turn your room into a personal space shuttle, but just on Earth.

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