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The Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

With the terms cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting often being used interchangeably, there is room for confusion when opting for the best solution for your business. In a ‘post-pandemic' world, businesses are using products that eliminate viruses and pathogens, but with so many claims and options, it is important to differentiate between each.


Cleaning focuses on the removal of visible dirt, chemical residue, debris and dust from surfaces where the spread of viruses and bacteria is low. Cleaning contributes to the health of an office’s employees or clients by reducing harmful microorganisms and allergens. While cleaning products are effective for low-risk surfaces, it is not an effective option when addressing the spread of harmful pathogens. Mops and tools pose the risk of cross-contamination by spreading microorganisms throughout the office. To keep people in your office safe in a post-pandemic environment, we suggest thinking of cleaning as your first line of defence and complementing these protocols with either a sanitizing or disinfecting option.


Instead of focusing on the removal of visible dirt, sanitizing reduces the ‘invisible’ microorganisms on surfaces to a safe level according to different public health standards Sanitizing typically occurs after cleaning and removes 99.9% of bacteria but viruses and funguses still remain.


Disinfecting addresses the remaining pathogens which sanitization cannot remove. Disinfectants kill 99.99% of pathogens. Disinfecting products typically need to remain on top of a surface for a certain length of time before they can be removed to ensure complete deactivation of germs etc. Some cleaning or sanitizing products have disinfecting properties.

When deciding which products to use, consider the risk of pathogens spreading in your workplace. A high traffic indoor space may warrant a stronger, more effective method of killing pathogens.

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