Hotel Case Study –

                    A 25 Year Long Dream, Brought Back to Life

A Leader Committed to His Staff

Jeremy, a seasoned hotel industry veteran, had always dreamed of being General Manager. Finally, after 25 years of working in the hotel industry, Jeremy was offered the role of GM at one of the most elite hotels in Banff, Alberta. He believed the key to memorable experiences for guests was rooted in having strong staff morale. As GM, Jeremy prioritized the well-being of his staff so they would feel supported by management and in turn do the same for guests. The “Green Initiative” was implemented with a commitment to switch all cleaning products in the hotel to green, sustainable and biodegradable products by 2021 to reduce the staff's contact with harsh chemicals and it was a huge hit among staff and guests. 

Navigating a Global Shift

Only 2 years into his new position, Jeremy was faced with his biggest challenge yet: The Global Pandemic. Once the hotel opened back up, a new Disinfecting Protocol required staff to layer up in heavy duty carbon-filtered masks, gloves, and goggles for protection from fumes produced by the electrostatic spray used to disinfect. However, this process was inconvenient, time consuming and introduced harmful new chemicals. Jeremy knew this wasn’t ideal and a complete step back from all the hard work he had put in with the Green Initiative, but he didn’t know of an alternative that could ensure the same level of health and safety. 

Finding a Long-Term Solution

Knowing there had to be a way to balance the concerns of the staff and the operational logistics of the hotel, Jeremy was on a mission to find an alternative disinfection solution that could appease all parties. He focused his search on 3 pillars: 

  1. Complete disinfection 
  2. Ease of use for staff 
  3. Cost effectiveness 

Jeremy combed through Google finding the best solution, crossing off ready-to-use products, foggers and electrostatic sprays. Eventually, he stumbled upon air-based disinfection solutions where he found ClearZone and its HydroClear Technology™. This technology checked all the boxes that fogging and others couldn't due to soft surfaces like chairs, couches and rugs being especially challenging. Best part was, Jeremy was still able to maintain his prior Green Initiative commitment which he’d placed as a secondary consideration. 

A Clear(Zone) Winner

With occupancy capacity increasing, Jeremy needed a long-term solution that didn’t break the bank so he ran the numbers to compare ClearZone productsto alternatives: 

  • Ready-to-use products and fogging machines costs would increase by 66-300% vs ClearZone’s products only increasing         by 15-30%.
  • Decrease time costs of staff by 75% over traditional disinfecting
  • Decrease operating costs by 56% on day 1
  • Reduce human error for a more comprehensive result
  • Effective at destroying pathogens on hard and soft surfaces 
  • Leave no chemical residue

HydroClear Technology™ brought Jeremy confidence and a peace of mind in his disinfecting protocols allowing him and his staff to continue providing the best care and service to hotel guests with sacrificing their commitment to sustainable and green cleaning solutions.

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