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Effective air purification has many benefits in the hotel industry and it’s not limited to only sanitization of the air to improve indoor air quality. Below are 3 applications which ClearZone’s HydroClear Technology™ offered sustainable solutions for hotel staff, guests with allergen sensitivities and elimination of hard to remove odours. 

Fairmont Royal York 

The Fairmont Royal York was appreciative of all the hard work and efforts its staff had dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of the hotel and servicing guests, but with the world still prone to illnesses, this consequently affected the staff resulting in the staffing shortages due to missed work days from sickness. 

As an effort to reduce illnesses within the staff and to mitigate staffing shortages, the Royal York purchased over a dozen ClearZone products to place in staff areas to give their teams confidence in the hotel’s efforts of keeping the staff safe and healthy. This provided an elevated level of protection against airborne pathogens, assurance of a safer work environment and ultimately, a reduction in sick days from the spread of airborne illness. 

Marriott Residence Inn

Air quality is a common concern prospective guests would inquire about at the Marriott Residence Inn. The hotel then purchased several ClearZone products for both their conference rooms and guest suites to accommodate guest requests.

The ClearZone products purchased were intended as a precautionary consideration for guests, but proved to be necessary when a guest with sensitive allergies called ahead to advise the staff of their cleaning requirements. They asked for the removal of any detergents and scents from the cleaning process in their room prior to their arrival due to allergic reactions.The Marriott team was fortunate to have purchased ClearZone products where its HydroClear Technology™ removed airborne allergens and unwanted scents in the room. Following the stay, the guest reported no allergic reactions and immediately re-booked for a longer stay. 

Marriott received a return on their investment within one weekend by being able to accommodate guests with specific cleaning requirements. 

Novotel Toronto Center 

After a guest’s extended stay in the Executive Suite, the Novotel Hotel struggled to eliminate a persistent and lingering smell. Their current cleaning products couldn’t remove the smell and this led to a loss in revenue of a premium suite often made unavailable for bookings. The Novotel needed a solution immediately so they could make the suite available again. 

Novotel then learned about ClearZone’s product's and its ability to remove odours without the use of chemicals. They placed a small unit in the suite and this completely eliminated the smell. ClearZone’s product provided a sustainable, long term and chemical free solution allowing the suite to be put back on the market, but also protection for the hotel and their spaces from future unwanted smells. 

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