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Your Clean Air Companion

At the Residence Inn London Downtown, guest experience is our top priority and now, you can take that experience with you as you travel!

We have partnered with a Canadian air quality company, 

In The ClearZone, to bring their clean air technology to you. 

 ClearZone's HydroClear Technology reduces airborne allergens, odours and pathogens to create a healthier, safer environment for our guests during their stay. 

These portable units are your new travel companion and part of the new Residence Inn Experience. Together they provide a safe, healthy and consistent experience. 

The Breeze

"After using the Breeze at work, I took it with me to the Dominican for a personal trip to use in my suite. I had no allergies, kept healthy and had the same, consistent room experience that I was used to." - Greg, International Sales Manager

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NASA's Trusted Air Quality Solution

NASA was one of the first to recognize the active cleansing power of hydroxyls, which they harnessed to remove air pollution from the air in the International Space Station, a sealed space with no access to fresh air. Since hydroxyls change the chemical composition of the air, instead of recycling old air, they create new air. Using a cascading method, ClearZone's HydroClear Technology brings NASA and Mother Nature's technology to your space. 

Combining hydroxyls, high-efficiency proprietary filters and air quality sensors, ClearZone's air purifiers can capture and inactivate allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, odours, smoke and more, while detecting and destroying pollutants 1000 times smaller than the standard filters must meet to qualify as HEPA

Every day, we help make businesses safer with our economically and environmentally friendly solutions. 

In The ClearZone Corp.

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