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Allergens & Pollutants

Capture airborne allergens and lower pollution levels with our HydroClear Technology ™.


Dust from our dead skin, hair, clothing fibres, bacteria etc. can pose as irritants in our air. 


A common allergy for many especially during seasonal changes. 


Cooking, cigarettes, outdoor pollution and many more can all be common sources of smoke found in our air. 

Particulate Matter

Small tiny droplets of solids and liquids that can be sourced from any materials arounds us. They vary greatly in size and can be as small as 0.1um. 

VOC's, Chemicals & Toxic Gases

ClearZone products catches and destroys air pollutants as small as 0.1microns. 


Colourless, flammable gas that has a strong odour used in the process of manufacturing buildings and household cleaning products. 


An invisible radioactive gas that is found in every home and building. This gas is naturally occurring, but also has the potential to cause lung cancer. 


Naturally occurring silicate fibrous that can irritate and scar lung tissue. 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Exposure to CO2 can cause a vast number of effects on health including dizziness, headaches, difficulty breathing, elevated blood pressure and many more. 


A substance used to destroy insects harmful to plants in farming practices. They are harmful to our air quality as they are emitted as VOCs. 

Odours & Pets


Hard to remove odours? Pet dander and smells? All tackled by our HydroClear Technology ™.  


Humans, animals and household products can all be sources of odour. Odours can often be difficult to eliminate without the use of harsh chemicals.

Pet Dander

Microscopic flecks of skin shed from many pets such as cats, dogs, rodents or birds. These can be irritants to some and can pose as allergies.

Disinfection & Sanitization

Reduce the spread of pathogens and illnesses without harsh chemicals.


Bacteria can harbour on both surfaces and in the air. Removal of bacteria can be easily removed from surfaces with cleaning products, but airborne bacteria requires air purification to remove. Bacteria can spread and cause illnesses if not removed. 


Similar to bacteria, viruses can also spread and cause illnesses if they are not removed. 

Mould Spores

Mould and mildew can be commonly bred in places of low light, excessive moisture and inadequate cleaning. Older aged buildings are also places of high risk. 

ClearZone Air Purifier's For All Your Needs
Whether its fighting allergies or removing pesky odours, think of ClearZone as your clean air companion ready and able to tackle all your air concerns. Our HydroClear Technology™ removes air contaminants while creating fresh, clean outdoor air indoors. 
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Every day, we help make businesses safer with our economically and environmentally friendly solutions. 

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