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A Solution-Oriented

Air Purifier.


Create scent-free spaces while safely disinfecting to give rooms a fresh new start. 


Reduce the transmission of pathogens and improve air quality in enclosed offices. 

Gyms & 
Fitness Studios  

Busy, sweaty and filled with CO2. Gyms can feel unsanitary and poor air quality can affect your workout.

Nurseries & Infants 

Babies are extremely vulnerable to indoor air pollution. VOCs and air contaminants can pose high risk for small children. 

Schools & Students

Schools and dorms are susceptible to air pollution. Poor air quality has also been shown to negatively impact academic performance. 

Healthcare & Veterinarians

Clear air is essential to healthcare facilities as patients who are sick and seeking treatment are already immunocompromised. Effective sanitization protects both patients and healthcare workers.


Frequent and high intensity exercise requires adequate recovery. Support and improve your athletic performance with clean air. 


Dental offices can be high risk places for both transmission of oral pathogens, but also chemically filled with dentist equipment. This all lowers the air quality. 

A Solution-Oriented Air Purifier To Support Your Health. 
Breathe clean, fresh and contaminant-free air with ClearZone's products that creates outdoor quality rather than just recycling older air. Our HydroClear Technology™ uses hydroxyls —  technology created by Mother Nature, trusted by NASA, b harnessed by ClearZone. 
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Every day, we help make businesses safer with our economically and environmentally friendly solutions. 

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