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Why you'll never need another air purifier again.

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The world is full of complex problems, and when it comes to healthy air simple solutions aren't enough. This is why HydroClear Technology anticipates the needs of our clients today and in the future with in one solution. 

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Our layered filtration combines the strengths of other purifiers together in one product; and because our Technology was perfected during the COVID-19 pandemic, we also have higher efficacy than leading brands. 

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Because allergies happen during cold and flu season and renovations stir up dust, molds and smells, one solution isn't enough. Choose HydroClear and never have to choose again!

Just Another Air Purifier?

Think again! Clearzone products beat air purifiers at their own game while doing much more. 

Air purifiers gather particles in their filters while ClearZone products are both gatherers & hunters. 

Like purifiers, we gather pathogens in our filters, but we gather even smaller ones than most of the top purifiers! 

But we are no one trick pony! Not only are we top gatherers, we are also hunters! Our HydroClear particles are released into rooms, filling the room and hunting down airborne pathogens in every corner of the room, non stop in real time!

Our HydroClear technology harnesses the power of hydroxls to deactivate pathogens, particulates and VOC's as small as 0.1um. 

All studies included demonstrate efficacy of hydroxyls created at a rate of 2-3 million parts/ cm3, the same output as ClearZone’s HydroClear Technology. 

5 Layer 

Filtration System

Using technology and science to harness the power of nature and create a device capable of the highest level of air purification. 

Air is pulled in and large and small particles are filtered through the Pre-Filter, Electrostatic, Carbon and HEPA 13 filters. 

The 5th layer creates hydroxyls, sending them into the room to hunt down and eliminate far away contaminants where they are in real time. 


Washable filter captures large particles like dust and pet hair and is designed to reduce waste by extending the life of the other filters in our devices and keeping filters out of landfills. 



Washable Electrostatic filter passes tiny particles like bacteria and viruses (as small as 0.1 microns) through an electric field, inactivating them and making them stick to our filters. 



This broad-spectrum neutralizer captures odours; volatile organic compounds from pollutants and off-gassing furniture;  formaldehyde; benzenes; ozone and other chemical pollutants. 

HEPA 13 

H13 is a medical-grade filter  recommended by CDC, EPA and WHO as the highest standard. It  removes 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns, removing dust, pollutants, bacteria & smoke from the air.  


Nature's Detergent and HydroClear's leading technology.  2 million hydroxyls /cm3 are created (the same concentration found outdoors) and released, filling the room and attacking all airborne particles where they are, non stop. 

The Science of Hydroxyls.


Ambient particles found in the air, like water and oxygen, are charged by UV, creating highly active particles call free radicals. 


These free radicals are called hydroxyls. Hydroxyls are found outdoors and are the reason why outdoor air is clean, healthy and fresh. 


Negatively charged hydroxyls rapidly attach themselves to airborne particles, changing their structure and making them harmless. 

NASA's Trusted Air Quality Solution 

NASA was one of the first to recognize the active cleansing power of hydroxyls, which they harnessed to remove air pollution from the air in the International Space Station, a sealed space with no access to fresh air. Since hydroxyls change the chemical composition of the air, instead of recycling old air, they create new air. Using a cascading method, ClearZone's HydroClear Technology brings NASA and Mother Nature's technology to your space. 

Combining hydroxyls, high-efficiency proprietary filters and air quality sensors, ClearZone's air purifiers can capture and inactivate allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, odours, smoke and more, while detecting and destroying pollutants 1000 times smaller than the standard filters must meet to qualify as HEPA.

Not all air purification solutions are built the same.


What exactly is an air purifier?

Air purifiers, in short, draw dirty air is in through a vent and blow clean air out. However, not all purifiers are created equally — the mechanisms and filters inside air purifiers can make all the difference. This is a form of passive purification.

Additionally, air purifiers filter existing air, "recycling" the air in your space without impacting the what the air is made out of. 
Why is air purification important?

Indoor air is said to be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air. These pollutants include everything from actual dust and floating particles down to microscopic bacteria.

Air quality matter because you take more than 20,000 breathes each day and the quality of your air impacts respiratory health, concentration, contributes to alertness and fatigue amongst many other things. 

How is ClearZone different from other purifiers?

While air purifiers passively filter recycled air, relying on the movement of contaminated particles within the space to be affective. 

ClearZone's products use the passive method, doing it better than many top brands on the market today, but our products also actively create new air with the release of hydroxyls. 

Who are air purifiers best suited for?

Anyone who spends majority of their time indoors! Statistically, the average person spends more than 90% of their life indoors - so air purifiers are for everyone! 

Air purifiers provide relief from allergies and asthma symptoms, improve concentration and productivity, improve sleep and reduce chances of catching and transmitting illnesses. 

How does HydroClear work?

HydroClear is a combination of our filtration systems and hydroxyl technology. HydroClear technology turns entire rooms over faster than comparable air purifiers while inactivating airborne contaminants instead of just catching them. 

How will I know if it works? Will I be able to tell a difference?

There are a few ways to tell its working:

1) Check the filters! They will be full of particles, which is why it is important to keep the pre-filter clean. 

2) Watch the sensors! Both the Refresh and the Breeze have sensors and lights that indicate the air quality level. 

3) Feel the difference! During use, the air has been described as "lighter" and "cooler". Our clients have experienced relief of allergies, odor removal, the feeling of being more awake and have avoided seemingly inevitable illness.

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