The American Rescue Plan –

The American Rescue Plan

The pandemic presented many challenges for businesses, especially smaller businesses. The American Rescue Plan is a $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed to help recover and support Americans on both a health and economic front. The plan includes $122 billion for education of children from K-12, $28.6 billion for Restaurant Revitalization Fund, and $350 billion for states, cities and tribal governments.

For more information on these aids, check the links below:

State and Local Fiscal Government Funds

Request Funding for Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

Restaurant Revitalization Fund

Clean air in buildings (and in our environment) has been identified by the EPA, the Biden-Harris Administration and The White House as an important factor that supports the health and safety of the population, can reduce the risk of airborne illnesses or pathogen contamination and decrease the spread of illnesses.

Many federal agencies has deemed improving air quality as an optimal way to support recovery from the pandemic with the EPA recommending their Clear Air Building Challenge identifying 4 main key actions we can take:

  • Create a clean indoor air action plan.
  • Optimize fresh air ventilation.
  • Enhance air filtration and cleaning.
  • Conduct community engagement, communication and education.

While increasing ventilation is one of the best ways to improve air quality indoors, this is also not always easily accessible for all buildings and spaces. Another way we can achieve high quality air indoors is with an air purification device that provides: 

Air Filtration 

Filters such as HEPA, electrostatic etc. can do a great job at catching particulates and airborne pathogens to filter and remove from the air. However, HEPA filters cannot always do the most comprehensive job at removing smaller particulates and rely too heavy on passive sanitization methods. To learn more about HEPA filters and the difference between active versus passive sanitization, check out our blog posts! 

Air Sanitization 

Sanitization the air is a comprehensive and effective way to removing smaller particulates, removing allergens or odours and deactivating harmful microbial pathogens that cause illnesses. Choosing an air purification device that provides active sanitization with the use of hydroxyls by creating new air indoors is a great way to improve air quality indoors. Check out our technology pageto read more about how the process of creating outdoor air, indoors!

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