Vet Clinic Case Study –

Building A Stellar Community, One Clinic At A Time

A History of Small Business Excellence

The Neighbourhood Pet Clinic (TNVC), a clinic opened by single mom, stellar community model, and fellow pet lover, Marlene Mau. Her dream of running her own veterinary clinic started 30 years ago and since then has grown into 3 locations across London, Ontario. With her team of 32 staff members, they provide the neighbourhood pets with primary health care in a safe and hygienic environment. Marlene’s work at her clinic and in the community has built quite the reputation for her with winning awards from the Better Business Bureau to sponsoring sports teams, nonprofits and many more. 

The Problem with Air Purifiers

During the pandemic, Marlene kept one of her clinics open for pet emergencies. As her business got busier, she opted to re-open the other two locations. The health and safety of both her team and customers were a top concern, but adding additional PPE for staff members was too expensive and uncomfortable. Marlene searched for effective sanitization solutions to accommodate for her team and this brought her to the idea of air purifiers. However, her initial purchase of one off Amazon made her question whether it even worked. Through a bit of research, she learned most air purifiers on the market only provide passive air purification and this wasn’t good enough for her. She needed a solution that filtered air and killed pathogens on all surfaces to ensure the safety of her clinic. 

A Solution Surpassing All Expectations

Marlene was then introduced to ClearZone products which offer both passive and active sanitization through HydroClearTechnology. ClearZone's HydroClear Technology™ sends hydroxyls while also using UV light and HEPA filters would equip the clinic with 3 layers of safety for staff, customers and pets. This would remove pathogens in the air, on surfaces and even odours caused by tiny particles which provided a solution beyond Marlene’s initial expectations. ClearZone products offered a technology where its sanitizing protocol doubled as an odour removal protocol without the use of harmful chemical sprays. 

Marlene's Success Story

With their new HydroClear Technology sanitization protocols in place, the clinic was able increase the daily customer intake without compromising the safety of either staff or customers. By using the most up to date technology to disinfect their spaces, Marlene can ensure the safety of her staff and customers are looked after so the clinic can do what they do best - take care of the neighbourhoods pets! 

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